Rabbi Tal Perez
(949) 394-2583 Los Angeles CA 90035
טל פרץ - מוהל מוסמך מומחה בברית מילה Expert In Infant Circumcisions

ברית המילה נעשית תוך הקפדה מרבית על תנאים סטריליים עם תוצאות מצוינות לאחר הברית. מינימום כאב ודימום במהלך הברית ולאחריה. שירות בכל ארה"ב.
טיפול מסור ומקצועי יחס אישי ואדיב.
המלצות חמות. נותן הדרכה מפורטת לכל הקשור לברית, הן מההיבט הרפואי והן מההיבט ההלכתי .

Rabbi Tal Perez has performed hundreds of Brit Milas around the globe in such various locations as France, Mongolia, Estonia, Saint Petersburg, Siberia, Tahiti, Israel, Micronesia and the United States of America.With gentle hands and a warm heart he skillfully carries out one of the most meaningful and memorable events in Jewish life. 



Gabriel G.
Thank you for your services, was in a great Brit, the baby never cried and the singing and playing were awesome Thank you Open
Liam B.
Rabbi Perez performed our son's Bris yesterday and was beyond incredible. The ceremony was to the point, and the bris itself went by fast and smoothly. He... Open
Chaya O.
This brit mila was one of the most special and memorable days of my life. I give so much of the credit to Rabbi Perez. My experience before, during and... Open
Dudi P.
We were referred to rabbi Perez from chabad house in irvine and we are very pleased with everything. I was little afraid my son has high jaundice level and... Open
Robert S.
Me and my wife we had our first boy. we had unbelievable good experience with rabbi tal perez, He have a beautiful voice for the praying. I have to give... Open
Sam R.
When you are searching for a mohel for you son, you want to be sure that you are picking the right one. Rabbi Tal Perez is the right one. He came on time... Open

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