Kosher Foodheart
(818) 334-4311 6075 Reseda Blvd Tarzana CA 91335
קייטרינג למסיבות ואירועים Delectable flavors + exceptional hospitality

שנים של ניסיון עשיר, מאות אירועים ואלפי אורחים, הביאו את הקייטרינג שלנו לרמת גימור שאין שני לה. האוכל מדבר בעד עצמו ומידי אירוע הקייטרינג זוכה לשבחים.
הקייטרינג מציע תפריטים מגוונים ועשירים, העונים לכל טעם וחיך ומתאימים לכל סוגי האירועים.

What inspires us is simple good food- and what differentiates us is our ability to create epicurean Kosher food that tastes as good as it looks.

At the onset of our journey in creating FoodHeart, we examined the Kosher and non-Kosher catering world. What we found was that while many caterers hold high standards and create food pleasing to the palate and the eye, their Kosher competitors fail to live up to those standards. It was apparent to us that customers opting for Kosher catering had reluctantly accepted the notion that Kosher catering is mediocre at best, and that the Kosher certification came at the expense of a high-end dining experience. So we set out to break this disposition; we believe Kosher food can be impeccable- and we aim for ours to stand up to its non-Kosher competition and far surpass it.

We start out with raw, fresh, and seasonal materials, because we know the truest and deepest flavors come from pure and premium ingredients.

We draw inspiration from old familiar childhood recipes, then blend classical cooking techniques with a modern, artistic presentation style. What we create is nothing short of magic; food that pleases every sense and causes the palate to linger on each bite and relish every moment.

At FoodHeart, we understand that creating personal relationships with our clients is integral to creating a successful event. We are true to our clients as much as we are to ourselves- we love to be original and inventive, but we adapt to our clients' desires, we're there for them at every step of the journey. The hospitality begins the first time we meet with new clients; in order to best understand their needs and their vision, we listen and work closely together to create a concept around which a menu will be tailored. We take this same approach with the service we provide at the event. It is our intent to make the client and all guests feel important, and have their needs met at any given moment. We understand that a smile can go a long ways, that flexibility and the ability to respond quickly can make a real difference, and that having the will to solve problems creatively and efficiently will ensure the comfort and satisfaction of every one at the event. We know that satisfied guests mean satisfied hosts and we are dedicated to providing outstanding service.

We invite you to meet us, taste our craft, and learn how we can accomplish your every goal and fulfill every wish for your event.What inspires us is simple good food- and what differentiates us is our ability to create epicurean Kosher food that tastes as good as it looks.

Karen F.
Hands down the most ELEGANT and tasty kosher catering around. Ive been to dozens of weddings, and the food was always more or less the same; until Foodheart... Open
Gadi F.
Best food, best service, best event design I ever experienced WoooooW Thanks Tomi I'll keep calling you for every event! Open
Eli A.
Used Food heart for my wedding we can not even count the amount of compliments and postive feedback we got from our guests! It's very hard to find kosher... Open

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