Suger Free Markets
(818) 538-5181 22882 Ventura Blvd Woodland Hills CA 91364
סופרמרקט ללא סוכר מגוון רחב של מוצרים ללא סוכר וללא גלוטן Fresh Ingredients - 100% Natural

סוף סוף גם חולי סוכרת יכולים להינות ממגוון עוגות ועוגיות ללא סוכר! אנו מציעים מגוון רחב של עוגות ועוגיות שימתיקו לכם את הרגע. כל המוצרים שלנו הינם ללא תוספת סוכר וללא גלוטן, מיוצרים מרכיבים טבעיים בלבד.

בקרו אותנו בחנות או הזמינו אונליין. אפשר גם להרשם לקבלת אספקה קבועה מידי חודש.


Delicious cookies. No guilt!

Our world famous cookies & muffins taste amazing and are gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, vegan, paleo, ketogenic and suitable for diabetics

Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Dairy Free, Low Carb and Diabetic Friendly is a feature of all of our creations. No more sugar rush to enjoy a sweet dessert!

To ensure the highest grade products, all of the ingredients are hand-picked by our artisan bakers daily. We source locally when possible and find the most ecologically responsible ingredients.

All of our products are crafted to taste amazing and are nutritious. Natural ingredients. No preservatives. No chemicals. Simply healthy delicates.


Lauren Gale
I  don't know how they do that (black magic???) but their baked goods are amazing!!! Been on Keto for about a month. Came with a friend who is also on Keto. We got the Lava cake and both took one bite and then freaked out saying "there is no way this is Keto!!" My friend stopped eating after that bite as he was nervous it will break his Keto. I, on the other hand, proceeded to eat (and ate two!!!) And here's the thing their stuff is legit!!! Not only did it not kick me off Keto my levels went higher!! THANK YOU for your amazing products!! I have found paradise! Keto on!!! Open
Trisha Nester
Just went there today. As someone who has been working with a nutritionist for the last year and gotten used to the "no thank you, I cannot have it", I was so excited to finally be able to say yes! Being gluten free and trying to keep my carb intake low while avoiding preservatives makes it hard to find the occasional treat. So good! I am really impressed because the treats feel sinful but don't awaken that sugar dragon. I will actually be able to get myself a birthday cake this year! Hooray! Open
M. Clevinger
Paleo friendly. Fabulous desserts. Open
Shelley Sheri
They have a great selection of treats to choose from. The desserts are very beautiful and are ideal for having a fancy cheat day or an upscale dinner party. This is the first bakery with a large selection of desserts that are delicious, pretty and sugar free. Even my 2 year old daughter ate most of her cookie before we walked out the door, lol. I was very impressed. Open
Paula Smith
This place is AAAHMAZING! The lava cake and cheesecake are so good it is unbelievable there is no sugar in it! So glad my wife found this place. It has helped curb my sweet tooth with incredible alternatives that are magically delicious and good for you! Hands down best sugar free treats EVER! Open
Fred Miller
Found the market by accident. Being type1 diabetic for over 30 year it was great finding Sugar Free items that were good to eat. Love the Cookies... I recommend and suggest you try and find out for yourself. Open

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