SoCal Hyperbaric Oxygen
(818) 616-9023 17001 Ventura Blvd Encino CA 91316
תאי לחץ - טיפול בחמצן פיתוח מהפכני שמחולל פלאים בעולם הרפואה Taking Care of Your Health

תא לחץ מטפל במגוון בעיות רפואיות באמצעות טיפול היפרברי. הטיפול ניתן באווירה שקטה, נעימה ובהשגחה. הטיפול אישי ומקיף, למען נוחיות ובריאות המטופל ולמען הצלחת הטיפול בצורה הטובה ביותר.

There are illnesses and injuries that can leave you feeling hopeless or without options. Cancer, traumatic brain injuries, stroke, even stubborn wounds or infections that refuse to heal properly are life-changing. There’s a proven option available to you in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, a leading solution that expedites the body’s natural healing processes. SoCal Hyperbaric Oxygen is here to help you find peace of mind and get your life back. Contact our wellness center in Encino, CA, to schedule a consultation.


Paul E.
My wife was facing hip and knee replacement surgery. Based on a friends recommendation, she investigated and chose to go the Stem Cell procedure. In... Open
Jessie S.
If you were ever interested in HBOT then look no further! I HIGHLY recommend going here. The owner Chase spent 45 minutes on the phone with me when I first... Open
Drew G.
Legit this is hands down the best hyperbaric spot in LA. Dude running it is an ex commercial diver medic and for divers like me it's a godsend. The place... Open
Julia B.
This is an amazing place, best I've ever been to. Chase is one of few licensed technicians in LA, he's so competent, the place is spectacular and more... Open
Leonora G.
I took my 6 year old to do the treatment. Chase was so professional, but at the same time personable and really made us comfortable before the treatment. He... Open
Laura J.
My husband completed 40 dives with hopes to see improvement with a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury. He has seen many positive gains in his recovery with this... Open
Marcia P.
The owner is amazingly helpful genuinely caring and invested in promoting health. Has some of the highest quality chambers in Los Angeles and offers the... Open
Shinto S.
This place is so calming, the staff makes you feel right at home. I enjoyed my treatment a lot. I felt the pain in my knees slowly fade away with the... Open
I've had a great experience at SoCal Hyperbaric. The owner, Chase, and his team have been very professional and yet showed personal interest in my needs and... Open
L R.
Just finished my 5th session. Just like in the fairy tail: felt nothing during the treatments and suddenly I can walk without the pain. Unbelievable!!! Just... Open
eyal shemesh
I felt better and more energetic after few treatments. The staff is very professional and nice. Open
Nancy Pulido
I actually came in not believing in This but a Dr recommended doing Hyperbaric Sessions due to my open wounds.....first week I started to do my sessions my wounds were closing....I was very depressed and down because of my wound not growing skin. But with the sessions in the first week I saw growth on my wound with new I'm almost 80% cured. ..need a couple more sessions to close!!!!! Thank God for this creation . I'm happy I came here 100% Thanks my 3 musketeers!!!!! Open
Candis Higgins
Very Beautifully decorated, felt very comfortable there. The staff is amazing! They often the check on you to keep you comfortable, safe & happy. They are there for you if you need them. Love this Place. & The experience alone is so peaceful!!! Open
Danette H.
Looking for a place to heal search no more this is the place to be for all your health needs! You are in the best hands with the knowledge and experience of... Open
Denise R.
This facility is outstanding. Professional certified Hyperbarics medical technician on site walked us through every step of the process. Chase answered all... Open
Aleen O.
CHASE is the man @ So Cal Hyperbaric Oxygen! Chase is not only well versed in Hyperberics but with any type of medical condition pertaining to the... Open
Aliza B.
My son , had a concussion. That took him out of school for 3 months . Chase at SoCal Hyperbaric was extremely helpful and put him at ease - his experience... Open
Sandy Monegro
I have to say, I was a bit nervous to go into the chamber at first. But with Chase it was very easy and his explanation made the whole process for me easier. Great service in a beautiful setting. Open

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