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ויקטוריה - שיעורי פסנתר Music school educational program

הילד רוצה ללמוד לנגן על פסנתר ואתם לא יודעים מאיפה להתחיל? שיטת ההוראה שלי פותחה במשך מעל לעשור על מנת להביא למיצוי כישרון התלמיד – ומאפשרת ללימוד ללא פשרות ועם זאת בגובה העיניים

My name is Victoria, and I look forward to teaching your kids how to play the piano. With a Masters Degree in Music and Pedagogy, I have 49 years of experience teaching piano and I am a member of MTA of California.

Our music school's educational program is effective for both adults and children.

Lessons can be in the warm, intimate setting of my studio or in your own home. With our methods, learning to play the piano is pleasant, leading to fast, positive results.

Our method is unique and very interesting.!

Beginning with the first lesson, my students enjoy their time learning to develop their piano skills. Fun, musical games, computer tests, and more are incorporated into the lesson plans.

We offer many styles of music, including Classical, Popular, Jazz, and more. Included are music theory, technique, harmony, music history and literature about composers.

Recognizing that everyone learns at different rates and with a variety of styles, lessons are customized, constructed on individual preferences according to level of experience.

Our goal is to develop one's musical abilities through a well-balanced program. Students will have the opportunity to participate in public recitals and competitions.

Please feel free to discuss payment options. Every student's situation is different and therefore there is flexibility. It is best if we discuss this personally, so please call for details.

Again, thank you, I look forward to working with you


Help Your Children Fall in love With the Wonderful World of Music!!!!

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