Dr Zvia Ambar
(818) 906-3595 Tarzana CA 91356
ד"ר צביה עמבר ייעוץ, הדרכה ואימון אישי הרצאות להעצמה אישית ולהצלחה בחיים

"אתגר" מרכז ישראלי לייעוץ ואימון אישי
- ליחידים, זוגות ומשפחות
-חוגים להדרכת הורים
-ייעוץ ואימון לאנשי עסקים
-לימוד תעודה למדריך ומאמן אישי
-סדנאות והיכרויות לקשר זוגי
-הרצאות להעצמה אישית ולהצלחה בחיים

ETGAR Life Coaching Center was founded by Dr. Zvia Ambar in 2008. ETGAR was built on the philosophy that everyone has the right and the ability to create and live a happy, successful and productive life. With that in mind Dr. Ambar started ETGAR and has changed lives of many individuals. Dr. Ambar also developed a Certified Life Coaching Program (CLC) where she has trained over 140 individuals in becoming life coaches. ETGAR Life Coaching Center continues to grow and is continually expanding their team of life coaches.


About Dr. Zvia Ambar


Dr. Ambar was raised in Israel. From a young age she was curious about psychology and was fascinated with professions in the mental health field.


Dr. Ambar eventually went to get her BA in Psychology and school counselor certificate from Bar Ilan University in Israel. She then went to get her Masters in Counseling Psychology in Bowie State University in Maryland. She continued her education by receiving her Psy D. in Clinical Psychology from Newport University in California. In addition to all her education, she went on to study Human Sexuality at UCLA in California and became a clinical hypnotherapist at A.B.O.H. in California. Dr. Ambar is also certified by the American Seminar Leader in Los Angles, California.


Dr. Ambar has been working in the mental health field for over 30 years. She has worked in many institutions and has had her own practice before venturing into life coaching.


Additionally, Dr. Ambar is a mother to four children and is now a grandmother of eleven children.


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