Mega Glatt Mart
(818) 578-5360 6114 Reseda Blvd Reseda CA 91335
מגה גלאט מארט המחירים הכי זולים בעיר! Fully Kosher Supermarket and Deli

סופר כשר, כלל מוצרים כשרים מישראל, מחלקת בשר גדולה במחירים מעולים. חברת מגה גלאט מארט פועלת במתווה ייחודי של חנות דיסקאונט השמה לה למטרה להעניק לצרכן סל מוצרים במחיר הזול ביותר. חברתנו פיתחה מודל עסקי לפיו המטרה היא למכור הרבה, להרוויח מעט ולאפשר לצרכנים לקנות יותר. אסטרטגיית המחיר של החברה אינה באה על חשבון השירות והאיכות. 

All our products are fresh as that is our standard. You can call or visit for any kind of kosher products and you will not only find it here, you will also find it at a competitive price.

You can get all kinds of freshly made kabob in our store. Whatever we offer, its FRESH, its KOSHER and its GOOD. You can also get a wide range of fresh fish. Whatever you get with us, you can be sure of its quality. We took the time to do a background check on all our suppliers and we only do business with suppliers whose products meet our standard. We are happy to inform all lovers of FRESH LAVASH BREAD that we bake our own bread daily. So we always have fresh bread at reasonable prices all the time. We also specialize in catering. Our culinary expertise and experience cover all kinds of Persian, Middle Eastern, North African and European dishes. All KOSHER - all the time

We give our customers the options of either shop in-store or order online and pick up and get local delivery. For those that prefer to order, they can count on our timely delivery. To us, a late delivery is not different from a failed delivery. Both of them do not meet customers’ expectation.

For those that may prefer to come and pick their order, they can come with their car as we have a well-organized and managed parking space.


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