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פיסטשיו סלסלות שי מיוחדות לחגים Kosher Gift Baskets

פיצוחי פיסשיו- חנות פיצוחים בוואלי אשר מביאה לכם טריות ואיכות זה למעלה מ-15 שנה. החברה מציעה לכם מבחר ענק של פיצוחים בסיטונאות ולפרטיים, וסלסלות שי לחגים. היכנסו למבחר המוצרים ...


Candies and nuts make popular gift items as one can never go wrong with them! Children and adults adore these bite sized goodies. If you are looking for ideas to surprise your loved ones, try sending them a gift basket of edible goodies. Candies, nuts, and chocolates gift wrapped attractively, make great gift ideas. Pistachio is one such store that offers all this and more at attractive prices. At Pistachio, we specialize in dry roasting nuts and seeds in an old fashion middle eastern way, we pride ourselves in mastering the art of bringing out the very unique taste of every nut and seed without the use of excessive salt, just the right touch to accompanied the natural flavor of those fruits of nature.

Try some of our best seller:

The “Jumbo Sunflower seeds roasted and lightly salted“. This Premium type of In-shell sunflower seeds is the largest available in the world, it is imported from Israel and prepared and roasted on premises in our store. Try and get hooked! We also carry an unsalted version of this unique and most delicious seeds.

Our unique version of in-shell Oregon grown “pumpkin seeds roasted and lightly salted” we call them “Easy-Pop” as the name suggest, with not much of an effort they will burst open in your mouth to reveal a delicious and uniquely flavored seed. If you still prefer to eat them with the shell we carry the more traditional oven roasted version too.

If you are not the seed lover kind (not yet…); try our most delicious in-shell California Pistachios roasted to perfection in order to yield the most taste with little salt as possible; our irresistible Cashews deliciously crunchy and full of flavor. Our California Almonds roasted salted, just roasted or with a zest of lemon perfect complement to a cold beer.

The store stocks a wide range of Gummies, candies, hard Candies, sour belts, jelly beans, in assorted shapes and flavors and bite size dark chocolate covered nuts, fruits and liquor filled (non alcoholic).


This is a real heaven for kids . This is the real thing . So bring them on !


We also carry an extensive range of dried fruits from all over the world starting from the common Apricot, Cranberry, Giant Golden Raisin, Figs etc. to the more exotic dried Mandarin with vitamin C, Mango, Papaya, Lychee etc. to the crazy dried Hibiscus flower, dried Lemon for the tough ones. The amazing pineapple slices in assorted flavors and at last the all Organic no sugar, no coloring no preservative no nothing ! The amazing 100% natural dried Pineapple. (It’s a little bit the consistency of cardboard but if you are the organic type that’s the real thing! and they LOVE IT!

If you wish to spoil a loved one, you have an event to attend and ran out of gift idea, birthdays, weddings, baby showers and engagements, you are a small medium large or humongous business and need corporate gifts, your Doctor just saved your life and you love him to death, you lawyer just saved your behind, your accountant saved you from the IRS, your nail place lady just saved your toe, you finally realized your mother in law is a great person… You need to show appreciation and you don’t know how… Come to Pistachio! Our friendly staff will make this decision time a pleasure.


Pistachio will never disappoint you.

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Everything is gooodddd Open
Luismi Tecum
Son muy amables los que atiende, Y tiene muchas variedades de dulces! Les recomiendo Open
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The best place to buy salted nuts and sunflower seeds small store very friendly Open
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Great pumpkin seeds! Open
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