Erez Photography
(310) 424-8033 Los Angeles CA
ארז צילום אירועים צילום אירועים מקצועי Event Photographer

שילוב של קונספט ואיכות
צילום חתונה הוא יום שלם של דינמיקה וחוויות משותפות. אנו דואגים לצילום חתונה איכותי עבור מתחתנים, מלא רומנטיקה וגישה אלגנטית. ​הצוות הקבוע שלי ואני נשמח להיות חלק חשוב באירוע המרגש שלכם ונדאג לתעד אותו בצורה הכי מקצועית שאפשר

Erez Guresh is an accomplished and highly sought after international photographer and creative director living in Los Angeles, California. Born and raised in Midrach-oz, Israel, Erez found his passion for photography at the impressionable age of 13, when his beloved father gifted him his first camera. After shooting his first roll of film, they took it to the only store in their small village to get it developed. The store owner was so impressed by Erez’s photos, that he gifted the young boy a free roll of film. In that moment, he was hooked. 

“I love taking pictures. If I accept an assignment, I’m totally interested and excited, whether it’s an advertising client, an editorial job, a wedding, event, or just a simple head shot. That’s why people hire me. To do what I do. That’s kind of my rule… If I’m going to take it, I have to thoroughly invest in it.” – Erez


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